Downloadable Lessons from The Thoughtful Christian

What is our role as humans according to the Bible? In this one-session adult study, participants will be challenged to consider the role of humans in relation to nature.

We live in a society saturated with advertisements and the pressure to upgrade to the next best product. How can we resist consumerism's promise that things can make us happy? In this one-session adult study, Christians will look at the drive to buy more and discuss how it impacts the life that Scripture challenges us to live.

Learn who the prophets were and what messages they shared in this one-session adult study, "Introduction to the Prophets." In the study Christians will be challenged to find common themes among the messages and consider what the messages can teach us today.

In this one-session adult study, "The Exile: A Key to Understanding the Old Testament," participants will learn about the events surrounding the historic invasion of Judah by Babylon and the exile of many of its people who were forced to live as refugees in Babylon.

If the saying, "You are what you eat," is true, what are we? This two-session adult study challenges participants to examine contemporary food practices in light of food's role in some of the Bible's early stories. The study explores the ethical issues of food production and distribution in today's world, both in crop agriculture and animal farming.

The Bible teaches us our place and responsibility in the creation story, and this understanding can be used to guide our actions towards the earth today. This one-session, adult study discusses how Scripture defines our place within the web of creation and how the Bible teaches us to protect the earth. Ethical questions regarding our care of the earth and what a possible future could look like are also considered.

In this six-week adult study, "An Acceptable Fast: An Adult Lenten Study," Old Testament scholar and teacher Patricia Tull begins each session by locating the biblical verses in their original context and then exploring a key Lenten theme related to the text. Themes include: voice gratitude, take the long view, choose well, accept responsibility, welcome the future and trust God in times of conflict. Each session ends with a meditation on how the text speaks to our modern situation.
Although this study explores the Old Testament readings for lectionary year C, the themes explored through these scriptures are appropriate to address at any time during the Christian life.

Writer Patricia Tull leads participants through the Old Testament and the Gospel lectionary texts for four weeks, tracing important Advent themes of longing for God's help, anticipating God's presence among us, recognizing God's work among us, and receiving God's new gifts to us.
Each week's handout is filled with important information about the texts, yet written for personal devotional use for group discussion.

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