Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Presbyterians for Earth Care 2020 Lenten Devotion

This year it was my privilege to coordinate and recruit a wonderful group of talented writers to assemble the Presbyterians for Earth Care Lenten devotion for 2020. The theme is based on Genesis 1:29-31, "God Provides Enough For All." 

The devotions run from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Many thanks to David Shinn, Jeffrey Geary, Carissa Herold, Christian McIvor, Shelley Wiley, Kymberley Clemons-Jones, Jacqueline Lapsley, Anne Richter, Bridgett Green, and Tyler Mayfield for thinking together deeply about Scripture and Earth Care. 

The devotion is available on the Presbyterians for Earth Care website here:…/2020-Lenten-Study-012920-web.…
and here:…/2020-Lenten-Study-012920-P.pdf

Anyone who would like to subscribe can do so here:…