Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sorry Been Busy

My rap star son—yep, the one who performs for crowds of 50,000 in France—has a new album coming out called Sorry Been Busy. That’s pretty much been my tune the past few weeks—though my life is thankfully not as exciting as a rap star’s—trying to start new work while keeping up with other commitments. It will get better. I’m just glad it’s worthwhile work. Too many lack even that.

Been up and down Indiana twice since mid-June, meeting with people who are banding together to make changes—in their homes, sanctuaries, and towns. This week in Terre Haute I met a newly forming group at a United Methodist church, and the next night in South Bend a group of eleven representing six churches and a mosque, all pooling information on how best to lower their utility bills and protect Indiana’s air at the same time. The Muslim and Mennonite folk were excited to hear they are receiving solar grants from Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light.

Last week I also spent two mornings with Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) students at the